SAML 2.0


SAML2 Handler

Note: Apidapter configuration uses SAML 2.0, which is the modern version of SAML.


Allows for single sign on integration using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) specification. This is achieved by allowing an adapter to act as a Service Provider (SP). When an adapter uses a SAML2 request handler the adapter will produce the metadata required for the Identity Provider (IdP) to successfully configure the SP.

When a response is successfully validated the authenticated username is placed in the "NameID" parameter. Apidapter does support attributes. 


Name ID format: The format of Name ID to request from the IdP.

SP entity ID: An identifier for this service provider. This should follow the guidelines in the SAML2 documentation.

IdP entity ID: The identifier of the IdP with which the SP will interact.

Single sign on service URL: URL provided by IdP to support single sign on via the HTTP-Redirect binding.

SP private key: The key used to sign SAML requests.

IdP x509 certificate: The certificate used to decrypt responses from the IdP.


Enabling SSO for a custom web application.


Handler will error if:

  1. The server is unavailable. This can happen due to downtime, firewall configuration, network issues, or an incorrect server URL.
  2. The NameID in Apidapter does not match the NameID in the incoming request.
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