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Joins two parameter values and places the result in another parameter. If the result parameter exists, it will overwrite the existing data. If the result parameter does not exist, the parameter will be created with the combined value.


  1. Source 1 parameter: The name of the first parameter to copy the value from.
  2. Source 2 parameter: The name of the second parameter to copy the value from.
  3. Result parameter: The name of the parameter to copy the concatenated value to.

Important Note: The order of concatenation depends on the order of the source parameters. 


Your current integration setup does not actually include a parameter that contains the user's email address. Your goal is to construct an email address by concatenating the value of the user_id parameter and the email domain_id parameter. Your desired in this case is a new parameter called user_email that includes the new concatenated value. To ensure the parameter values are concatenated in the correct order, your completed component setup should look like the following:


For example, for user Bob Smith, the value of user_id is bsmith and the email domain_id is After creating and saving component represented above, your transaction will now contain a new parameter called user_email with a value of


While there won't be specific errors associated with the concatenate component, be sure to check the transaction to make sure your new concatenated value looks the way you expect!

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