Jump If


Jump If



Continue to another adapter if a condition is met. The parameters and their values at the time of the jump will be carried over to the destination adapter.



Parameter: The name of the parameter to check the condition against.

Condition: The logical operator to apply.

Value: The value to check the parameter against.

Destination: The adapter within the same property to continue to if the condition is met.



Example A - Jump to No Access adapter if role is Student.

  • Input: Student
  • Parameter: role
  • Condition: is equal to
  • Value: Student
  • Destination: No Access
  • Result: Jump and continue transaction with No Access adapter

Example B - Jump to Archive adapter if year is not 2017.

  • Input: 2017
  • Parameter: year
  • Condition: is not equal to
  • Value: 2017
  • Destination: Archive
  • Result: Continue transaction with the current adapter

Example C - Jump to Public adapter if username is not present.

  • Input: none
  • Parameter: username
  • Condition: is not equal to
  • Value: anything123
  • Destination: Public
  • Result: Jump and continue transaction with Public adapter




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