Managing Access

Six distinct permissions exist at the property level that can be granted to individual users. They include:

  • Manage access: Add and remove property users and set their permissions.
  • Create adapters: Add new adapters.
  • Edit adapters: Build and maintain adapters and change general adapter settings.
  • View adapters: See adapter details and summary statistics.
  • Delete adapters: Remove existing adapters.
  • Review log: Search for, view, and remove adapter log data.

*Note: You must also assign view adapters permission to enable a user to edit or delete adapters.

To bring a new user in to a property click Add User.



Then enter their email and click Next. Check the permissions you wish to apply and press Submit.



To change permissions for a user click Permissions under to their email. You can also drop a user from a property by pressing Remove. Note that you cannot drop yourself from a property.

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