Error Handler

When a transaction error occurs (e.g. required field not present) you can customize the error behavior. The default response is a plain white screen with the text of the error but you can also opt to continue processing by another adapter within your organization.
To change the error behavior click Settings on the main adapter page and use the provided Error Handler dropdown. Only adapters within the same property will be listed.

If you select an error adapter the transaction will continue upon an error by POSTing the then-current parameters and values as well as the error message itself under the 'error' parameter to the subsequent adapter.
*Note: Transactions received by the error adapter will count against your monthly allocation.
Using an error adapter can be helpful in a number of situations. For example you can redirect the user to a custom error page or help article. You might choose to post the response to a ticketing system. Or in a more complex application you can take advantage of the error behavior itself to introduce conditional logic. Let's say you are using an adapter for LDAP authentication and more than one server stores credentials (e.g. students and staff). The "error" from a failure against the first LDAP server can be cascaded to another adapter which checks against the second server.


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