Authentication Directory and Concourse [LDAP and LTI]

Concourse, the syllabus management system by Intellidemia, allows for integration through the Learning Tools interoperability (LTI) standard. However there are scenarios where one might want to make the tool directly accessible by pairing it with an authentication server.



To handle this situation an adapter should be designed to accept a POST request with a username and password, verify the credentials against an LDAP server, map the user_id to lis_person_sourcedid as Concourse expects, and generate an LTI 1.1 launch.

Step 1

Create a new adapter and go to the builder. Change the inbound request handler to POST.

Step 2

Create a form that accepts a user's common ID and password and posts them to the adapter URL. Name the parameters user_id and password respectively. Also make sure that the password is masked in the log.

Step 3

Add an LDAP Authentication component to your adapter and fill out the required settings. Then see that your form is working appropriately and LDAP settings correct using a test account for your LDAP server.

Step 4

Start configuring the other half of the integration, which begins with changing the outbound response handler to LTI 1.1. Enter a key, secret, and the URL for your Concourse installation. Then enter these same settings into an LTI consumer in Concourse.

Step 5

Finally add a copy component to map user_id to lis_person_sourcedid.

Don't forget to take the adapter out of debug mode once you are ready to start utilizing the integration you implemented.

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