Portal and Concourse [SSO to LTI]

Concourse, the syllabus management system by Intellidemia, allows for integration through the Learning Tools interoperability (LTI) standard. However there are scenarios where one might want to make the tool accessible through a portal that does not support LTI.



To handle this situation, an adapter should be designed to accept an SSO request, verify it, map a user ID to lis_person_sourcedid as Concourse expects, and generate an LTI 1.1 launch. 

Step 1

Create a new adapter and go to the builder. Change the inbound request handler to Auto, which will accept either GET or POST requests.

Step 2

Add a link to your portal that automatically generates a new request that follows the Apidapter Authenticated Messaging specification with every click. Make sure the user's ID is included in a custom parameter like username.

Step 3

Add a Verify Apidapter SSO component to your adapter. Then see that your portal is creating requests appropriately by checking the adapter log after testing the link.

Step 4

Start configuring the other half of the integration, which begins with changing the outbound response handler to LTI 1.1. Enter a key, secret, and the URL for your Concourse installation. Then setup these same credentials as an LTI 1.1 consumer in Concourse.

Step 5

Finally add a copy component to map the user ID you selected in step 2 (e.g. username) to lis_person_sourcedid.

Don't forget to take the adapter out of debug mode once you are ready to start utilizing the integration you implemented.

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