CAS Handler



Accepts and verifies a request as specified by the Central Authentication Service specification. This is often utilized to support single sign-on (SSO) implementations. The handler accepts the CAS "ticket" parameter valid for the provided service URL and attempts to validate it with the CAS server using the specified CAS version.

When a ticket is successfully validated the authenticated username is placed in the "username" parameter.



CAS Version: The CAS version under which to verify the ticket.

Service URL: URL of the service for which the ticket was granted. Must be the URL of the adapter of which the handler is a part.

CAS Server URL: Location, without validation path specifier (e.g. /validate), of the CAS server.



Enabling SSO for a custom web application.



Handler will error if:

  1. The server is unavailable. This can happen due to downtime, firewall configuration, network issues, or an incorrect server URL.
  2. The ticket is stale, meaning it was created too far in the past.
  3. The ticket was created for a URL different from the service URL.
  4. The ticket is invalid.
  5. The ticket was not provided.
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