LMS and Concourse [LTI to LTI]

Concourse, the syllabus management system by Intellidemia, strictly adheres to the Learning Tools interoperability (LTI) standard. However it turns out that Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, and many other LMSs do not always utilize the same parameter names. For example, the common user ID in Blackboard is typically found only after an open source LTI 1.1 Building Block is installed. Canvas utilizes custom_canvas_user_login_id. D2L is often ext_d2l_username. 



To handle this situation an LTI to LTI adapter should be designed to map these varied user and course parameters to the ones that Concourse is expecting. Specifically these are parameters of lis_person_sourcedid for the user and either lis_course_offering_sourcedid or lis_course_section_sourcedid for the course.


Step 1

Create a new adapter and go to the builder. Change the inbound request handler to LTI 1.1, which is what you will use to pair with the LMS. Enter a key and secret.

Step 2

Insert an LTI 1.1 tool in a representative course in your LMS which points at the adapter URL and utilizes the key and secret you just entered. Then launch the link to collect debug data. This will reveal every parameter that is available during a launch from the LMS, including the all-important user and course identifier parameters names and their formats.

Note: Depending upon how you deploy the LTI 1.1 link it can either be available for an individual course, a select set of courses, or globally throughout the LMS. Please consult your LMS documentation on the various options for introducing an LTI 1.1 link.

Step 3

Now you will work on the other half of the integration in Apidapter, which starts with changing the outbound response handler to LTI 1.1. Enter the key, secret, and URL for your Concourse installation. Then setup these same credentials as an LTI 1.1 consumer in Concourse.

Step 4

The final step is mapping the parameters to match between the two endpoints. Review the transaction data from your test launch to find what you have available for user and course identifiers. It is likely similar to one of the parameters mentioned in the introduction. Then return to the adapter builder and insert a copy component to copy the originating user ID field to what Concourse expects. Do the same for the course ID.

Don't forget to take the adapter out of debug mode once you are ready to start utilizing the integration you implemented.

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