Getting Started

1. Sign Up

Sign up for an account. Once you've verified your email address, return to this guide.

2. Create an organization

Once you're logged in to your shiny new account you can create your first organization by clicking New organizationEnter a name like "My company" and a short code like "example_inc". The short code must be unique so try using a name that's specific to you like your employer's name.

3. Create a property

At this point you will want to create a property within your organization to hold non-production adapters you will use for learning and testing. Click New property from the organization page and enter a name like "Testing".

4. View sample adapter

Since this is your first property we've created a sample adapter for you. From the property page click on Sample Adapter and explore the adapter page.

5. Run transaction

Let's see what happens when the adapter receives a request.

car: color:

All you'll see in the new window is a message about debug mode. Go ahead and close it for now.

6. View transaction log

Refresh the adapter page and you'll see that there's a transaction listed in the log. Click on the transaction to view its log entry. Notice that "car" came in with mixed case but was converted to all uppercase as BMW should be. This is the adapter at work!

7. Add a component

Chances are you don't want to drive around in a pea soup green BMW so you'll need to choose your favorite color. Click Build from the adapter page then Add a Set component after the Uppercase component.

8. Disable debug mode

Take the adapter out of debug mode from the adapter page via Settings so the transaction will result in an actual response.

9. Run another transaction

<transaction generator form>



If this transaction doesn't do what you expect you should use the log to determine what went wrong and the builder to correct the component. If you need more help check out the other articles in this help center or send us a note.

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