What is an adapter? A component? A transaction?

A: An adapter acts as integration "middleware" to joint two endpoints by passing and/or transforming information from one to the other. Each adapter is associated with a single organization, is reached by a unique URL, and contains a series of components that together will perform the passing and/or transformation of data during a transaction.

A component is a "block" within an adapter that is used to receive, manipulate, and/or send data. At a minimum an adapter must have request (inbound) and response (outbound) handler components. In addition components can be added to the adapter chain that will perform logical operations on the data. Examples of these components include Copy (to replicate parameter values), Set (to assign parameter values), and Require (to mandate the existence of a parameter).

A transaction is the full cycle of data flow through an adapter. This begins with the initial request at the adapter URL all the way to either a response or error.

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