What are the available Adapter components?

Apidapter has an ever growing list of adapter components to handle incoming requests, manipulate parameters and their data, and send response. They include:

Body Components

  • Change Case: Lowers or uppercases all the characters of a parameter's value.
  • Check Apidapter SSO: Verifies the signature based on the Apidapter authenticated protocol.
  • Concatenate: Join two parameter values together into a third parameter.
  • Conditional Set: Set the value of a parameter if a condition is met.
  • Convert: Transform the value of a parameter into another format.
  • Copy: Duplicates the value of a one parameter and puts it in another.
  • Jump If: Continue with another adapter if a condition is met.
  • Keep: Removes all but the listed parameter(s).
  • LDAP Authenticator: Looks up a user and password combination against an LDAP server.
  • Math: Perform a mathematical operation upon two parameter values.
  • Prepend Append: Add static value(s) to the beginning and/or end of a parameter's value.
  • Regex Substitution: Match and replace parts of a parameter value.
  • Remove: Removes the listed parameter(s).
  • Require: Imposes that a particular parameter(s) exists.
  • Set: Assigns a value to a parameter.
  • Sign Apidapter SSO: Generates a signature based on the Apidapter authenticated protocol.

End-point Components

Request Handlers Types

  • Auto: Accepts GET or POST requests.
  • CAS: Accepts a CAS ticket.
  • GET: Accepts GET requests.
  • POST: Accepts POST requests.
  • LTI: Accepts Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard requests.

You can learn more about GET and POST here and LTI here.

Response Handler Types

  • Redirect: Continue to a URL passing parameters as a GET.
  • POST: Continue to a URL passing parameters as a POST.
  • LTI: Generate a response using the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standard.
  • Qualtrics SSO: Generate a  response using the Qualtrics SSO standard.

If you do not see the end-points or logical components that will enable your application, write us and we can talk about how to introduce them.

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