Error Alerts

You can choose to receive email alerts when an unusually high number of adapter transaction errors occur.
To enable error alerts, click Settings on the main adapter page, check Enabled under Error Alerts, and set a Threshold percentage between 0 and 100. An email alert will then be sent to all users in the adapters' property who have the Review log permission when:
  1. The percentage of errors to total transactions for the day exceeds the threshold.
  2. A minimum number of daily transactions have already occurred.
  3. The adapter is not in debug mode.
  4. An alert has not been sent in the recent past.
  5. Advanced logging is available for the adapter (a plan-level feature).
Selecting an appropriate threshold may take some trial-and-error. For some adapters your error rate should be at or near zero, in which case any number of errors may be cause for concern. In other situations, such as adapters that process user-submitted credentials, a higher percentage of errors is to be expected.
In addition you may be able to first reduce errors by rejecting invalid request types through setting up an adapter whitelist.
Therefore we encourage you to start by reviewing your transaction log to estimate the typical percentage of errors. Then set your threshold below this point, and raise it over time until you feel comfortable that you are being alerted only when it is appropriate.
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